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Friday, January 11, 2013

Why are my muscles not growing

If you're working out on your own and you are not receiving any assistance from specialists in exercise routines, you should read these tips for people who exercise and training to increase muscle mass.


Suggestions to do exercises to increase muscle mass

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1. When you exercise muscle training in general, ie training for all muscles of the body, you must rest one day yes, one day, or you work one day and the next day resting.
2. We recommend using free weights. Only used if really necessary machines.
3. To improve your recovery after exercise you should do stretching.
4. You must do all meals, if you eat a while you lose muscle, your metabolism slows down and fat storing auto cheats on your body.
5. Dieting including proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
6. You should not use diuretics or energy drinks.

Why not increase if I exercise my muscle mass

If you are thin, you exercise, something is wrong and that fault may lie in your diet, you're not giving your body the nutrients, proteins and carbohydrates you need to increase the volume of the muscles.

There are specialized workouts for weight gain and others to lose weight, you're probably investing routines and instead increase your weight, you are more slimming.

Tips for making muscles

It is necessary that you feed after training routine
You have to dedicate time to your workout while being accompanied by a good diet to increase muscle mass.
Perform exercises more intense and less reps.


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