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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tips and exercises to mark the pectoral son

exercises to build big pectorals pecs chest - home exercises to make pectorals pecs chest - In few time can in build big chest pectorals pects, workouts chest pects pectorales, exercises for man big pecs pectorals chest, how to make pushups for build big pectoralsThe question most men are done, how can I make pectorals son? This concern increases in men during the summer because they want to go to the beach and wear a body sculpted with good form and also want to have some nice pectorales "pects" to attract girls. Women are fascinated by men with pecs of steel as many girls say. 

Many men are complicates obtain strong and well marked pectorals by the accumulated fat in the area. To have the strong chest, big and marked not need to do specific exercises to mark and define the chest - pectorals and you have a lot of discipline.

The best exercises to work and dial pectoral

Pushups on floor
Position: supine, legs folded and open to the width of the pelvis and arms extended, but not quite, out, with both hands holding two dumbbells or weight segment. You start out with your hands up together to open up to the height of a 90 ° angle arms. 
Pectoral Closing:
How do you make this year to mark the pecs?

In a standing position with legs spread across the width of the pelvis, knees unlocked, back straight, arms flexed at 90 ° angle out to shoulder height and double hand weights or weight segment . You raise your arms in the center, keeping the angle of 90 °. Action is open (to shoulders) and close to the center.

Lateral raises:
Standing with legs spread across the width of the pelvis, knees unlocked, formed elbows bent at 90 degrees and hands the two small dumbbells or weight segment. You raise your arms to the waist to lift to shoulder height and then return to the starting position.

Tips to strengthen and make the pecs

Before you begin to see chest marked, should focus on exercising to lose weight and to vote all the fat accumulated in the body, especially in the waist area, as it is the most difficult area of work.

Man must eat foods that give you strength and vigor to avoid losing muscle tone, so you need food that let you lose weight while strengthening muscles.

Avoid alcohol intake. One of the worst enemies of good body is alcohol, because it is high in calories and also make us eat poorly. The body usually burns alcohol first and then body fat, therefore, the metabolism slows down greatly favoring removal of lipids. So if you want to have nice pecs but also not want to miss the happy hour, leaving aside alcohol and eat some pretzels, fresh vegetables like carrots and cucumbers or maybe a sandwich. 

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