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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tips for buying the right bra size

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Lots of women wear bras that are not your size right, this is a problem. 

How I can buy the bra cup size or right

Paresca it or not, some women do not give importance to buy the right size bra, this is a real problem, even it is the case of women with bras in various sizes, using a size one day and the next day another size of bra and do not know which is your right size.

So if your bra fits too tight or if it is loose is a problem because the bra is used to hold the bust and give support. If you use the wrong size bra is not protecting the bust and are causing the fall and increase bust size by his sagging.

Recommendations to choose the right bra for my size

You need to learn how to identify which is your right size bra. How do you identify the right size bra? You measure the contour of the back and cup size.

  I measure my bust to know my bra size

  • Calculate the size of the band of the bra:
First put on a bra, and a tape measure should measure the contour of the back below the bust along the bra line so you do not tighten or slack, to determine which is the band size bra (bra or bras), observes measurements in inches if the result is an odd number you add another number, ie if the result of the size of your bra band was 33 you add 1 = 34 This will be the band size or contour your bra (bra, bra).
  • Calculate and determine the size of the bra
To determine the cup size bust is measured with the tape measure over the bust, the tape should be placed over the breast and nipples, avoid pressing the tape and you should not let loose.

  • Now you must subtract the two results to find the right size bra (bra, bra).

If you score:
1 inch or less your cup size is "AA"
2 inches: Cup size A
3 inches: Cup size B
4 inches: Cup size D
5 inches: Cup size DD

Consequences of using incorrect bra

Bra sizes using improper handling could bring painful consequences to women, such as back pain and pain in the breasts themselves, in fact half of consultations for breast pain are due to use bras with wrong sizes.Remember that the bust should not get out of her bra and fit tightly and folds.

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